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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

How to choose a right Career?

What is a Career?

Choosing a career to live a successful career is called a career. According to experts, the definition of a career is something like this.

  • Experiences related to human work and business
  • Lifetime employment or business chain
  • Choosing a profession such as law, medicine, military, etc. in which there are obvious ways to move forward
  • Moving forward in an organization

Career means a way of life and the profession is used to mean a certain future in a particular field but in this article we will discuss career and profession as synonymous.

Choosing a good career for oneself means that one chooses a source of livelihood that suits his health, abilities and inclinations so that he can make more progress in this particular profession and he does not feel tired or exhausted from working. Satisfaction, Satisfaction and Happiness




Why is Career Important?

Man's life is a name of constant struggle - to fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to us as noble creatures, man needs material resources - the basic necessities of life for the head of a family for his family. Food, clothing, shelter, education and treatment are to be provided so that every member of the family can grow up with dignity, attain his place in the society, fulfill his social responsibilities.

In order to provide material resources, a person employs or engages in business so that his economic activities result in the provision of material resources which can meet his and his family's needs of life - this economic activity (employment or Business (career) is his career - based on this career he gets respect and place in the society and because of this he fulfills his desires - for himself and his children, siblings and other dependents. Providing food, clothing, shelter, education and medical resources is a responsibility that cannot be avoided. There is a constitution and this is the only way to achieve a respectable place in society.

Sociologists have identified the following needs that motivate human life:

  • Medical / Physical Needs: These include food, clothing, shelter. Unless these needs are met, nothing can motivate a person.
  • Protection: Fear of loss and protection from danger to life, loss of employment, property, food, protection from fear of deprivation of clothing is a human need - fulfillment of this need motivates him.
  • The need of society: It is human nature to live together. In order to live together and live with others, one has to pay for each other's rights. Paying these rights is a social need.
  • Internal Feelings: After fulfilling the above requirements, a feeling of strength, dignity and confidence is created in a person.
  • Desire for development: After reaching a certain place, man's natural desire is to go beyond it. This feeling of progress is the basis of the prosperity of this factory life.

Job or business?

Whether you have a job or a business, you are actually meeting the needs of your life - your business is your profession as well as your job - the condition for success is that you have completed the plan in this regard and your development. Some thinkers say that no matter what the profession, its true status cannot be different from that of a trade. 

The clerk working in the office is also a businessman who gets paid by selling his mental labor and a shopkeeper is a businessman who accumulates wealth by selling his goods - like lawyer, doctor, engineer, administrator, all There are traders - everyone is providing their livelihood in the world market by selling their skills, energy and hard work.

In what process does a person feel the greatest happiness and in what means does he use his abilities to the highest degree? Through this means and the scholarly understanding of the thing and its conscious choice is called career choice.

Whether it's a Business or a  Job - These are two Career Ways.

Career Choice?

  • If you look at the economic activity going on around you, you will see that all the people are doing three kinds of work.
  • Practical work - These are the works in which the worker is engaged in a process with his hands by which a machine / device / part moves.

Such as Engineer, Pilot, Farmer, Computer Operator etc.

  • Paper work - Any work related to correspondence, writing, reading and statistics such as accountant, journalist, architect, secretary, etc.
  • Public / Personnel work - Jobs in which the employee is more concerned with the public or different people fall into this category such as doctor, teacher, air hostess, etc.

Consciously or unconsciously, every young person starts to like certain professions during their education - in the background of this choice, the profession of his family members, the profession of his friends' fathers or brothers, the profession of national heroes or any special Personality depends on one's mental attachment and devotion.

When young people reach the crossroads of life where they have to enter the stage of their vocational education, a list of preferred professions of their choice. 


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