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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Learn shorthand and typing to get a job

  • Shorthand is designated "shorthand" in Urdu - this workmanship isn't as hard to advance as it should be - even a normal disapproved of individual can learn it - however it requires day by day work to accelerate - Otherwise the speed won't increment.

  • There are books like "Putman's Old Course" and "Putman's New Course" to learn it. Shorthand will come - speed will be expanded - which will be expanded by rehearsing day by day uninterruptedly and the shorthand will be finished - and in the wake of doing as such you will have taken in the shorthand.

  • Old Course Exercise Nos. 2 to 3 are the standards of cutting edge shorthand.
  • Practice it in the event that you like and it won't make any difference assuming you don't.
  • Old Course Exercise Nos. 1 to 2, in the event that somebody does it, then, at that point, the entire shorthand will come to him - Exercise Nos. 2 to 3, the words and expressions utilized in business correspondence are instructed - Exercise Nos. 1 to 2. Is political correspondence up to - Exercise Nos. 2 to 3 are useful articles on banking and stockbroking - Exercise Nos. 2 to 3 are words utilized in protection and transportation - Exercise Nos. 4 to 5 is about specialized and railroads. I have words and expressions - Legal expressions have been educated from Exercise Nos. 2 to 3 - An assortment of strict words has been introduced from Exercise Nos. 4 to 5 - Special words have been organized from Exercise Nos. 1 to 8 whose elocution You want to have an English-Urdu word reference to comprehend the importance of comparable words - so you know the significance of these comparative words - and your English will improve and better.
  • With regards to the book "Putman Shorthand New Course", this is a book of 3 activities - which are unique in relation to the old course - keep both shorthand student books with you as both are extremely useful in learning shorthand. Are-
  • At long last there is a rundown of words that are designated "syntax logs" - these are the words most normally utilized in English and assuming rehearsed they can cover 60% of the words and speed up. Can go-
  • In Karachi, you can gain shorthand from two foundations.
  • (IMC) (1) Institute Management Committee
  • Government Vocational Training Center, Jacob Lines Near Parking Plaza, Karachi
  • By learning shorthand and composing and speeding up in them, you can find a new line of work in various sorts of courts.
  • It is likewise sought after in NAB, SBP, Army, WAPDA, Parliament, Provincial Assembly and these abilities are additionally helpful in news-casting.
  • While acquiring any expertise, one should recall the favored hadith of Holy Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (harmony arrive) which implies that
  • "He who acquires the ability is regarded."


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