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Friday, February 18, 2022

Son, what do you want to be when you grow up? How can children be guided in choosing a good career?

Cooking is not a boy's job. Why don't you understand? All your friends are studying engineering. You also got such good marks in Inter but you are the one who wants to go for Home Economics. ? I'm interested in cooking. The big hotels pay the chefs a hefty salary. I just don't have engineering. At your request, I read it till Inter but I don't like it, "said Hamza to his father in a tired tone.


Life is full of hobbies, but study is what gives you a job and many job opportunities in engineering. You can even go abroad. Sahib announced his decision to his son without thinking that even if his son became an engineer without any interest, he would not be able to show any special performance.


Whenever it comes time for children to choose a career in our homes, there is a big difference in the thinking of parents and children. Children who need parental guidance for their future are often caught between parental decisions and their own hobbies. In this column we will tell you what are the aspects of being a parent that can help your child to choose a strong career.


1. Your children are a different person

First of all, parents should understand that your child is a different person. Your child may not be interested in the things you are interested in. It often happens that if the parents wanted to become pilots themselves but they had to become doctors due to the stubbornness of their parents then they want to fulfill their desires by making their children pilots. But this is not possible if your child is not interested in the ship at all. In that case, even if your child chooses the field you want, he will not like it.

 2. Parents prepare children

If you think that your child should become a computer engineer because in that case his future is more secure then you should instill in your child an interest in computer from an early age. Get him to take computer courses from small classes. Play games so that the child becomes attached to the computer and when it comes time to choose a career, he should choose the subject he wants from his hobby instead of any pressure. Likewise, if you want to get kids into business, keep them informed about the business from the beginning. But if despite your best efforts the child is not attracted to the subject, he should not be compelled.

 3. Introduce new things

It is also possible that your child may not be able to figure out what he or she is interested in, so it is the parent's responsibility to introduce new trends and activities to the child. Introduce children to museums, nature, science, museums and see what your child is interested in. If the child is very enthusiastic about something, encourage him / her even more.

4. Help children understand their strengths and weaknesses

Career counselors can also be used in this regard. Apart from this, various tests can be done to explain to the children in which things they are good and in which they need more hard work. For example, if your daughter is interested in becoming a doctor but she is weak in physics then she will definitely not get enough marks to become a doctor. Through tests and career counselors you can help your children to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses in a timely manner.

5. Give them an example

Someone who is very successful in the field that your child wants to go into, it may be a good idea to present it to the children as an example, as it is very likely that you will find out more about the children's favorite field. If not, then the children themselves will look at this personality from different angles and try to learn from it. But keep in mind that the purpose of giving someone as an example should be to encourage the child and not to be discouraged.

6. There is no gender of hobby or profession

Times have changed. In the past, only women or men might go into certain fields as it was not possible for girls to become pilots but now it is not so. Cooking or sewing clothes was not considered suitable for men before but now It has become a regular business venture - so as a parent you need to understand that when your son or daughter tells you about your hobby, don't reject it just because of sex but you Take a look at different aspects and see what the possibilities are for joining it as a career.

7. This may take some time

Your child may take a little longer to make lifelong decisions and understand themselves. In that case, keep encouraging him because that's what your child needs most. When comparing career counseling, do not compare children with other children in the family, even with friends, as this may discourage them. 

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